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Homewood addition likely to be complete by February

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The major new addition to Homewood Suites in Forsyth is really taking shape, so much so that to the untrained eye it looks like it could be ready any day. Not quite.

“It will probably be ready around late February,” Developer Steve Horve said. “With the holidays coming, it slows down construction.”

With winter weather coming on, Horve said he is glad to have some of the major concrete work already completed, including the new parking lot.

The additional 15,462 square feet that the project will add means there will be 21 more rooms for guests of the property. That figures to be just a shade above a 25-percent increase in size for the hotel.

“It originally had 82 rooms, so now we’ll have 103 rooms,” Horve said.

Determining if the market was there for more rooms was a pretty simple formula, according to Horve.

“We have a common complaint that people love it (Homewood Suites) but can’t get in,” Horve said. “We call those denials, and we have enough denials that we think the occupancy rate will stay at about the same percentage or should stay pretty close to the same.”

The new addition seamlessly blends into the existing building, and once complete, it will look like it was part of the original design. The three-story, wood-framed addition sits on a construction site that is 1.69 acres.

Horve is a big booster of the community, as is well known, and he pointed with pride to the Maroa-Forsyth Trojans logo he arranged to have put on the basketball court that’s part of the property.

While it’s still part construction site on one side, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how elegant the end product will be. It’s also easy to see why Horve takes a lot of pride in how much the Homewood Suites property adds to the quality of life in Forsyth. Sounds like visitors agree.

To be 25% bigger

Here are some numbers on the Homewood Suites addition

  • Original hotel: 82 rooms
  • New construction: 21 rooms
  • Total guest rooms when complete: 103 rooms
  • Additional square footage: 15,462
  • Projected completion date: Late February 2014

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