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Library’s water issue comes to boiling point

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Water issues at Forsyth Public Library have gone from a trickle to a steady stream.

Library Director Rachel Miller said an earlier problem of leaking windows escalated during a recent rain event. “It was beyond what we had seen before,” she said. Three containers were needed to catch water dripping from the beams as it ran down walls in different areas. Wind direction was a contributing factor to the troublesome areas, Miller noted.

Moisture continues to accumulate and drip to the floor from several windows whenever it rains. “The carpeting around these windows is being damaged, with possible mold growth,” Miller told Library Commission members in a written memo.

Two window companies are assessing the problem. “The numbers are not back yet, but the plan is to do one of the windows which needs the most work,” she said. Public Works Director Larry Coloni and his department are working with the library to help evaluate submitted proposals.

“We want to make sure the fix is the right fix and that the project will be effective,” Miller said. When work does get underway, the library will function as usual with little or no disruption to its patrons, she said.

Last December, trustees approved adding $45,000 for window repair and carpet replacement as part of a possible $200,000 state grant which Miller had applied related to a structural repair for the library’s floor. That repair has since been completed at a cost significantly lower than the original project cost of $113,000. Receiving the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) grant would eliminate the need to tap into the Village’s reserve funds to pay for the entire project. Miller remains in contact with DCEO representatives as she waits for an update on Forsyth’s grant submission.

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