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"Library seeks to enhance, not expand, for now"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The urgency to expand Forsyth Public Library has taken a new direction.

""We are thinking less in terms of expansion and more in terms of enhancement,"" said Village Administrator Heather Kimmons as she offered an assessment of the Library Committee's request to implement a Plan B to make the library more accommodating to patrons and staff. Trustees approved spending up to $25,000 for new shelving and revamped workstations in the workroom.

""There are other aspects to Plan B, but we felt these were the most critical,"" said Head Librarian Jean Campbell. She said library use has greatly increased since the library's 1997 expansion. The higher circulation rates account for needs such as shelving and work space required for processing, ordering and inputting. ""I'm sure the need to expand [the library] will be revisited since every aspect of the Village's strategic plan shows it as a goal,"" Campbell said.

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