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Library tree taken down, sculpture plans scrapped

Thursday, December 01, 2016

If you are a lover of tree art, specifically where a stump is preserved and transformed into a sculpture, then this will come as bad news.

In the September 29 edition of the Village Vision, there was a story about a large, old oak tree that was decaying and presenting a danger to Forsyth Public Library. All were in agreement that the tree needed to come down. Library Director Rachel Miller made the suggestion of preserving a portion of the stump after the tree was down so that an artist could turn it into library-appropriate art — imagine something along the lines of a sculpture depicting a row of books on a shelf.

Well, it was not to be. After narrowing bids and deciding on an artist, it was discovered that the tree could not be saved even for art’s sake. A sculpture wasn’t feasible since the tree was found to be rotting down to the base.

The tree, which stood at the east entrance of the library, had a large split running completely through the middle of the trunk, and the tree’s base was seriously decayed.

The diagnosis was made as workers from Romer Brothers Tree Service were taking the tree down.

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