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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The conference room at Forsyth Public Library will be converted to add space for children’s activities.

The conversion is part of Plan B, the second and final phase of the library’s improvement plan. The first part of the plan, which has been completed, involved making better use of existing space and adding new shelving. This next phase will focus on expanding and enhancing the children’s services area and revamping the circulation desk. The project was recently approved by trustees.

“Plan B evolved from exploring uses of under utilized space [in the library], but the children’s area is at capacity and has no such space. Making the conference room part of the library would be a means of expanding the children’s services without the cost of a facility expansion,” said Head Librarian Jean Campbell.

Previously, the conference room was available for rent by community groups and individuals for small gatherings. Renting the room will no longer be an option, Campbell said, but the space will continue to be available for meetings of the Library Citizen Advisory Committee, the Library’s book discussion groups and veterans.

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons said all conference room reservations made prior to the Board’s decision will be honored.

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