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Thursday, June 16, 2011

“Ten years ago we took a giant step in getting a children’s librarian. Now we’ve taken another major step with a full-time person,” said Head Librarian Jean Campbell following Board approval to increase the part-time hours of a longtime library employee to 40 hours a week.
In the library’s 28-year history, the head librarian has been the only full-time position. Now Shelly Smith, a part-time staffer for the past 20 years, will provide extra coverage as a full-time staffer.

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons said the increased costs, estimated at $16,000 and includ- ing full benefits, will permit Smith the additional time in which to train other staff members in needed areas and allow Campbell to plan some new programming. According to Campbell, circulation is up seven percent from the prior fiscal year, and adult programming is an area which is increasing in local demand. This increase in staffing hours will allow the addition of adult programming as a regular part of the library schedule, Kimmons noted.

Trustees earlier included an al- lowance in the current budget suffi- cient to cover the cost of creating an- other full-time position in the library. In justifying the library’s needs, Kimmons said that four full-time employees are at Village Hall with six employees full-time in Public Works, not counting additional part-time and seasonal support. Additionally, she said the library is open to the public 55 hours per week as compared to the 40 hours per week each for Village Hall and Public Works.

In addition to part-time Chil- dren’s Librarian Rachel Miller, other part-time staffers include Rachel Crose, Nanette Krueger, Jennifer Roades, Sheila Schmahl and Wendy Sherman.

Baby TALK continues for now
Baby TALK Times will continue through this fall at Forsyth Public Library as the Library Advisory Committee evaluates the program’s administration. The program offers small parent-child interaction groups for families with children from in- fants to age 3.

The program’s three-percent cost increase means the Village now pays $67 for each session held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Average participation in each session is 12 adults and 12 children.

“Baby Talk serves a population that thus far is not sufficiently served by the library. Our emphasis has been on older children,” said Head Librarian Jean Campbell.

Campbell said her committee members plan to look at a cost-saving option that would allow the program to continue with library staffers run- ning it.

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