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Major water meter replacement project gets the go-ahead

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Residents can expect to be contacted in coming weeks about replacing their water meters.

At the June 5 meeting, Public Works Director Larry Coloni presented three bids for a water meter replacement project that calls for replacing all Village water meters.

Burdick Plumbing recently did a larger, similar project for the City of Decatur. Coloni and Village staff recommended Burdick for the Village’s project, including use of a fixed system that monitors water meters via antennas fixed atop water towers.

The motion to approve, subject to legal review, was made by Trustee Jim Peck.

Yea votes were cast by Peck, Trustees Kerry Denison and David Wendt and Mayor Marilyn Johnson. Trustees Bob Gruenewald and Larry Reed voted Nay. The measure carried with the minimum four votes.

Burdick has 120 days to complete the work once it begins. The cost, at $632,622.02, is under budget.

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