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Mizer promoted to assistant Village administrator

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Village Clerk Kathy Mizer was assigned additional duties and promoted to assistant village administrator following unanimous approval by trustees Aug. 15.

Mizer will receive a 20 percent annual pay increase bringing her salary to $50,000. She will also continue to perform her duties as clerk, a position she has held since late 2002.

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons said both Mizer and Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart “rated highly overall” following recent performance evaluations which were endorsed and approved by trustees. Stewart will receive $43,500 annually based on a 4.8 percent increase. Kimmons said Mizer’s raise was higher due primarily to the additional duties as described in a job description for the assistant village administrator.

Kimmons said she spent many months thinking about hiring an assistant. Mizer had the background and needed no training, according to Kimmons. “It occurred to me that the best option was right here in front of me,” she said.

Mizer has worked for the Village since 2001 beginning as the Village Hall secretary/receptionist, a position vacated by Stewart when she replaced retiring Village treasurer Ruth Garner. Stewart has been with the Village since 1998.

Additionally, three other key employees rated highly in evaluations and merited percentage salary increases based on performance scores, according to Kimmons. Public Works Director Larry Coloni will see a pay increase of 6.3 percent, bringing his annual salary to $76,000; Head Librarian Jean Campbell will receive a 5.7 percent increase to bring her annual salary to $55,000; and Administrative Assistant Kim Taylor will see a 4.8 percent increase in pay, to $13.10 per hour. Kimmons said all pay raises granted were included in the 2011-12 operating budget, and her plan is to continue the evaluations on an annual basis. Coloni and Campbell as department heads will conduct their respective employee evaluations within the next 30 days.

Employee health, vision and dental benefits will remain unchanged until at least the week of April 1, 2012. Kimmons said the Village switched insurance carriers in April, with the “…cost of health benefits, at least for the first year, being significantly lower than the year before.” She said she will continue to assess the benefits and begin in January to look at quotes and options available should a decision be made to alter the present structure, in which the Village pays 100 percent of the premiums for employees and their claimed dependents.

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