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New approach to Family Fest in the works

Thursday, October 01, 2015

There’s a plan afoot to tweak the way the annual Forsyth Family Fest is run. Mayor Marilyn Johnson wanted a discussion among trustees on the subject so she added it to the Sept. 21 agenda under Old Business.

“I was the chairman of Family Fest so many years I can’t count,” Johnson said. “I think all trustees should be on a committee. You could get friends to help you with your part.”

Trustee Kerstin Trachtenberg, current chair of Family Fest, told trustees that she had broken the weekend down into its major components.

“It’s not an overwhelming task, but the problem is we can’t get volunteers,” she said. “It’s me and three other women who are always there.”

Trachtenberg added that having trustees involved might help bring in more volunteers.

Trustee Jim Peck called the idea “more than fair.”

Trustee Dave Wendt suggested putting the request for volunteers out to the public, to which Johnson and Trachtenberg replied that that is already done yearly.

“We need trustee involvement,” Johnson said. “I think it’ll really work well, and we’ll get a lot of new ideas and make it better.”

The next step will be for Trachtenberg to put together a plan and bring it back to trustees.

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