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New Edward Jones office approved

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A new, two-person financial services office is coming to the Village.

A branch office for the St. Louis-based Edward Jones investment firm will take up residence at a house located at 247 Lucile Avenue. First, an ordinance changing the zoning classification from original town to business within the Village had to be approved.

Community and Economic Development Coordinator Andrew Zupkoff told trustees at the January 2 meeting that he believed the application met all the proper standards and recommended that the Board approve the rezoning request.

Trustee David Wendt asked why the Planning and Zoning Commission, which heard the issue prior to it coming to the Board, had a near-split 4-3 vote. Zupkoff said that while he didn’t want to presume to speak for the commission, he believed it was a matter of commissioners being cautious.

Realtor Joe Doolin was involved in the real estate transaction and told trustees that parking has not been decided yet. The primary focus has been on the building’s structural issues first, he said. Doolin said that with only two full-time employees and a maximum of one to two appointments at a time, it is likely that only four parking spots will be required.

Zupkoff added that the residents living on either side of the house prefer Edward Jones as a neighbor rather than it being used as rental property. The location is across the street from the Residence Inn and just down the block from a State Farm agency and Lowe’s.

Wendt made the motion, which was seconded by Trustee Jim Peck. All votes were Yea for approval.

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