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New job position created

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trustees reviewed a revised job description for a full-time marketing and economic development coordinator/ assistant Village administrator before deciding to include the position in next fiscal year’s budget, which begins May 1.

The purpose of the new position, said Village Administrator Mike Miller, is for someone to oversee the Village’s tourism, communication activities and economic development efforts. “I see tourism in the broadest sense as not only the most important factor in our financial structure but also our main engine for economic growth,” Miller said.

Trustees are committed to improvement of a lagging retail sales tax base with priorities set on retaining and expanding existing businesses while adding new ones, Miller said.

At the March 18 Board meeting, trustees endorsed funding a new economic development department with a total budget of $252,000. Hotel/motel tax reserves will be used to fund promotional/tourism activities, which are projected to be 57.9 percent of the department’s costs. Salary and economic development costs (42.1 percent) will come from the Village’s general fund. The annual salary for the new position is estimated at $50,000.

Both Mayor Hap Gilbert and trustee Bob Rasho support the shared funding concept. However, Rasho, while supportive of a long-term commitment to hire a coordinator with general fund money, fell short of endorsing continued payment with hotel/motel tax funds. “As the job evolves, find out how much [time] is spent on tourism,” Rasho said. He asked that the hotel/motel tax not be reinstated at this time, adding, “that’s a separate discussion,”

Miller said he is inclined to wait until after the April 9 election before asking trustees to approve the implementation of his plan. “It will be part of the budget for the new Board to decide,” he said.

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