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New minimum fine for golf cart violations

Thursday, June 15, 2017

There has been some ongoing controversy regarding juveniles driving golf carts and utility-type vehicles in areas of the Village where they are not allowed.

Community and Economic Development Coordinator Andrew Zupkoff spoke at the June 5 meeting about Ordinance No. 2017-10 that would amend Village code provisions on penalties and enforcement.

The proposed ordinance resulted from a Macon County Sheriff’s deputy inquiring about a minimum fine to go with the established maximum fine of $500. There had been no minimum fine to date.

“A minimum fine of $75 is proposed so deputies don’t have to go straight to the max (when there’s a violation),” Zupkoff told trustees.

All votes were Yea. The ordinance sets a minimum fine of $75 as an initial fine for individuals unlawfully operating recreational vehicles. The existing maximum fine of $500 remains.

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