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New stop sign approved

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A new stop sign is up in Forsyth after 53 residents concerned about safety signed a petition to get a sign installed at the intersection of West Forsyth Parkway and Phillip Circle that is nearest to County Highway 20. Law enforcement officials agreed there’s a chronic speeding problem in that area, noting that the majority of violators are Forsyth residents. Trustees approved the sign’s installation at their April 18 meeting.

To aid Village trustees in making their decision about the sign, data was collected by a radar unit.

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons said the neighborhood’s request for immediacy in installing the sign due to safety concerns prompted her to ask Public Works Director Larry Coloni to install a sign in the area a week in advance of the April 18 Board meeting when trustees voted on the matter. However, she deferred that action until the meeting date since she was unable to gain consensus from trustees to move forward with the sign.

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