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New stop signs coming, thanks to residents’ request

Thursday, November 17, 2016

When it comes to governments, large and small, it’s easy for citizens to think their voices probably won’t be heard. Village residents Jack and Diana Wagner would tell you a different story based on their recent experience with the Forsyth Board of Trustees.

The Wagners visited the Board meeting on October 3, with Jack Wagner expressing several concerns about the area where they live on James Court. One of the Wagners’ concerns, which seems so obvious, is the lack of stop signs in their neighborhood.

If you’ve ever driven north on North Oakland Avenue from the intersection at Weaver Road, you pass Malinda Court, then Schroll Drive, and finally, you arrive at James Court. Passing through each of those quiet neighborhood intersections, there are no stop signs. Turns out, they should’ve been there all along.

On the October 17 agenda was Ordinance No. 2016-13, which would provide six stop signs for the streets in the tidy subdivision just to the northwest of Hickory Point Golf Course.

“Have we had any accidents there?” Trustee Bob Gruenewald asked. “Other than this one gentleman, have we had any complaints?”

Trustee Steve Hubbard expressed a similar sentiment.

“I agree with Trustee Gruenewald,” Hubbard said. “One guy comes in, and we’re putting in six (stop) signs. I’m very reluctant to pass this.”

Village Administrator David Strohl said that it seemed like common traffic control in his opinion.

“I can give you a little history,” Trustee Larry Reed said.

Reed recalled being on the safety committee when those homes were built. He said the stop signs were left out because the subdivision wasn’t complete, and the intent was to take care of getting the signs put in later when the work was done.

“Later is now,” Reed said, noting that more than a decade has passed since the subdivision was completed.

The ordinance passed with one dissenting vote from Hubbard. Six stop signs will be installed any day now.

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