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New trees to be planted around the community

Thursday, November 27, 2014

You might have noticed some brand new trees lined up outside the maintenance building in Forsyth Park ready to be planted. There are more than 30 of them in three rows, standing there like soldiers waiting on orders, except their root balls have them leaning a bit off kilter and very unsoldier-like in their posture.

Soon, they will all be in the ground decorating some fortunate pieces of ground around the village. The Tree Board, according to Public Works Director Larry Coloni, flagged the areas where the trees will be planted. Planting these trees will help the village maintain its Tree City USA designation, Coloni said.

About 10 of the ornamentals in the bunch will eventually line the north side of the water treatment plant, Coloni said.

“They’ll be used to create a natural screen and hide the water treatment plant from future development to the north,” Coloni said.

He added that he thought the tree line planted there will look very nice someday. The idea of planting the trees in that spot is a practical one related to future development. Coloni said the new trees should prevent a full view of the water plant by residents who may build homes nearby in the future and who otherwise might consider the view an eyesore.

In addition to the trees used at the water treatment plant, there are about 10 red maples and 10 oaks to be planted in various locations.

“We hope to get them in the ground before everything freezes up in the next three weeks or so,” Coloni said. “We’re just hoping for a window of opportunity to do the work.”

Interestingly, Coloni noted just how heavy one of these trees is.

“They weigh about 300 to 400 pounds each,” he said.

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