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New commission to meet Oct. 27

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The newly formed Planning and Zoning Commission will meet for the first time at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 27, in Village Hall. The group plans to elect a chairman and vice chairman, and discuss compensation, terms and educational opportunities for members. The new commission was formed by combining the Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals into a single regulatory group to address all zoning and planning issues presented to the Village.

“It will be a full meeting that will include a petition from Hickory Point Bank and their request for a special use permit for a new wall sign,” said Assistant Village Administrator Kathy Mizer.

The seven members appointed Oct. 3 by Mayor Hap Gilbert upon the recommendation of Village Administrator Heather Kimmons include Colleen Brinkoetter, Bill Busbey, Dennis Downey, Steve Langhoff, Jim Luckenbill, Larry Perkins and Kermit Stokes. Scott Spriggs and Mike Heneghan were appointed as first and second alternates, respectively.

“Most of these members have lived in the Village a number of years and all are dedicated in wanting to serve. They have a real passion to see the Village grow and be a better place to live,” Mizer said. All members are also knowledgeable about planning and zoning issues, Mizer said, and are eager to be involved and contribute to the zoning ordinance update which has been a goal for many years.

Mizer said the purpose for the consolidation of the two current bodies is “…to provide clarity and consistency when requests come for a variance, special use permit or text or map amendments.” She said past confusion will be eliminated as the Village moves forward by having one body review all planning and zoning issues. “It was fragmented before. Now there will be uniformity to the zoning ordinance,” she said.

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons originally introduced the consolidation concept this spring, and moved the issue forward this summer after she began a search for a professional consultant to help guide the Village in updating its zoning and planning ordinances and long range comprehensive plan.

“Multiple persons told her that the majority of communities our size have one body to review everything,” Mizer said. “Several questions will be alleviated.”

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