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No stop sign for Talon Lane

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Charges of chronic speeding violations along Talon Lane were found to be without merit. “We’re not going to put up a stop sign,” said Village Administrator Mike Miller.

Since midsummer, staff has attempted to resolve complaints that this Grayhawk subdivision street was being used as a “racetrack,” beginning with use of the Village’s radar unit, which proved unreliable. Macon County Sheriff’s Office deputies were then enlisted to monitor the area with their radar unit.

The deputies tracked 1,276 westbound vehicles on Talon Lane between 4 and 12 p.m. over a sevenday period in October. Daily travel averaged 182 vehicles recording an average speed as 24 mph, well under the 30 mph speed limit. The vehicles’ average speed also matched that found by three days of similar monitoring in late July. In both cases, less than 2 percent of drivers were found driving more than 35 mph. Miller said these numbers do not justify assigning a deputy to the area full time to watch for speeding violations.

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