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Nominate neighbor for a Pride and Progress Award

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Does your neighborhood have an unsung hero?

The annual Pride & Progress Awards program is designed to recognize those who have brought honor to the community and inspired others.

""I encourage everyone to consider what their neighbors and friends do as we try to honor those people in a fitting way [with this award],"" said Mayor Hap Gilbert. Eighteen recipients have been honored in the categories of economic development and humanitarianism since the program began in 2004.

The mayor said the economic development awards extend to businesses that make an investment in the community by locating in Forsyth.

""It's not just for people who have established businesses and generate tax revenues, but how they invest and give back to the community,"" he said.

Last year, no awards were presented due to a lack of nominations. Gilbert said he could offer no reason for the lack of nominations.

""I was disappointed ... because people continue to give their time and efforts continually, and there were deserving people who could have been nominated,"" he said.

This year's nomination deadline is Oct. 15. The form at left should be returned to Village Hall where additional nomination forms are available.

Judges for the awards include Mayor Gilbert and three of his Economic Development committee members in addition to three volunteers selected by trustees. To ensure confidentiality until the awards are announced, the selection process was changed last year so trustees no longer vote in a public session on the slate of finalists selected by the judges. The awards are presented in December during a recognition dinner for community volunteers.

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