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North Trail Bridge erosion repaired

Thursday, August 31, 2017

For years, the Village has dealt with a few erosion problems brought on by the powerful force that is moving flood waters.

A familiar landmark on the Village’s popular trail system, the North Trail Bridge, which crosses Stevens Creek near the intersection of County Highway 20 and Hundley Road, has suffered often from the effects of erosion following flooding events in recent years.

In 2014, Director of Public Works Larry Coloni said the water that rolls through after topping the banks of Stevens Creek “overwhelms that bridge, eats away at the dirt and gravel, and it eats a hole on that east approach.”

Coloni said at the time that a more permanent solution would be required. Earlier this summer that solution came in the form of project completed by Otto Baum Company.

Three years ago, Coloni said the problem was not due to faulty design work on a bridge that is now less than a decade old. It was, he said, simply a case of more water than the bridge can handle.

Coloni added back then that things like this happen and are “part of maintaining a village.”

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