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One bridge done, another just begun

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The twin bridge repairs on County Highway 20 finally ended, and in late October preliminary repairs began on the Weaver Road bridge.

""Done, at long last,"" declared Village Administrator Heather Kimmons with the Nov. 10 opening of the twin bridges. ""And done for this season,"" she forewarns pedestrians and motorists who use the Weaver Road bridge.

Come April, weather permitting, work on the Weaver Road bridge will resume, with closure estimated between eight to nine weeks for all traffic. Reminders of the closure will be posted on the Village's website as well as in this newsletter, according to Kimmons.

To date, the sidewalk on either end of the bridge has been replaced and the beams were jacked up to replace damaged anchor bolts.

Mayor Hap Gilbert voiced concern that only one side of the bridges along County Highway 20 has a guardrail. Kimmons said inquiries to the Macon County highway engineer turned up information that the bridges were built to meet federal standards. Both the federal government and the Illinois Department of Transportation reviewed and approved the plans, according to the engineer. Kimmons said there are no plans to install additional guardrails, but the mayor feels the safety concerns should be pursued with the county. Accordingly, further discussion will be had with county and other parties involved.

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