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Options for Phillip Circle flood problems expensive

Thursday, July 14, 2016

In an effort to solve serious flooding problems on Phillip Circle, village engineers have come up with three options, all of which are costly. Village Engineer David Harp presented the potential solutions to trustees at the July 5 meeting.

Each plan involves constructing a storm sewer that alleviates flooding by moving water elsewhere, possibly to a pond, a ditch or maybe Stevens Creek. When the field to the north floods, water crosses County Highway 20 causing huge, expensive headaches for Phillip Circle residents.

Each plan presented is contingent upon two things: First, Buckeye Pipeline must agree to a project that will be in close proximity to its natural gas pipeline. Secondly, property owners — some on Phillip Circle and some on Cale Court — must allow for permanent and temporary easements.

Two of the plans call for constructing a 48-inch storm sewer, with the plans distinguished by which side of the easement they are on. Macon County would not contribute to either plan, with the projected cost to the village at just under $1 million for one and just more than that amount for the other.

A third plan calls for a 72-inch storm sewer that would be supported by the county. The total estimated cost is nearly $1.6 million, but the county’s support puts the village’s estimated cost at $826,250.

Engineers recommend the third option. With numerous details yet to be worked out, no action was taken.

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