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Pay for elected officials remains unchanged

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Village officials elected during the 2013 consolidated election next April 9 will continue to receive the same amount of compensation as their counterparts.

Village Administrator Mike Miller said it was an administrative and legal decision to put the compensation issue on the Nov. 5 Board agenda for discussion. State law requires the amount to be set at least 180 days prior to the beginning of the terms of those officers whose compensation is to be fixed. Elected officials decide the amount they are to be paid.

Trustee Bob Rasho asked his fellow trustees to consider reducing the compensation for the elected officials and to send a message to staff in support of its cost-saving efforts. He sought a $500 reduction in the amount paid to trustees and $900 for the mayor.

Since 2008, the mayor has been paid a flat fee of $4,500 and trustees have received $2,500, both per fiscal year, a decrease in the mayor’s compensation and an increase for trustees. Trustee Marilyn Johnson felt not enough time had elapsed to merit a new change.

Trustee Eric Morr said he liked the message the reduction in compensation would send and joined Rasho and trustee Kerstin Trachtenberg in a split vote with trustees Steve Hubbard, Larry Reed and Johnson. Ultimately, the mayor cast the deciding vote to retain the current level of compensation for all elected officials.

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