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Personnel manual for Village employees under study

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trustees have twice tabled a resolution adopting the updated personnel manual for Village employees, on June 4 and again on June 18.

Village Attorney Jeff Jurgens previously provided the revised language for the resolution, which trustees had requested pertaining to employee vacation time and sick pay. Village auditors sought clarification on these two issues and raised concerns about the implementation of other policies. However, trustees did not vote on the matter June 4 as expected, since it was felt that the new Village Administrator Mike Miller should be present to offer his advice. Miller’s first day on the job was June 18. The absence of Mayor Hap Gilbert and trustee Kerstin Trachtenberg at the meeting was also cited as a reason for delay.

“Making these updates follows the recommendation of the Village auditors, and the update is not designed to change any current employment practice,” Jurgens said in a written memo.

For the past several years, auditors have raised concerns about employees who leave the Village’s employ after taking more vacation time than they are entitled to have. The auditors cited the need for consistency and enforcement of a Village policy which stipulates that employees use vacation time on an annual basis and not carry over the accrued time. Sick leave was another stumbling block for the auditors, who sought clarification as to whether a terminated employee should be paid for sick days that have accrued up to the allotted 120 days, or whether that time should be forfeited upon separation.

Jurgens said it might be advisable “…to clean up a couple issues” prior to anticipated unionization of six Village employees. Trustee Steve Hubbard commented that certain aspects of the Village’s personnel manual “…merits a lot of discussion.”

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