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Plan to build press boxes in Forsyth Park falls short

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Local developer Jeff Horve has been working on plans for the construction of two press boxes at Forsyth Park that would be used during baseball and softball games. The work would be done on Diamond Nos. 4 and 5.

One of the main questions was whether to build one press box now and one later or to build both now so they are ready for the spring season.

After much discussion and a lot of legwork by Horve, the subject was an agenda item at the Oct. 3 board meeting. Horve provided plans and rounded up “hard bids” from suppliers and contractors. The cost to construct two press boxes is almost $93,000.

Press boxes would provide room for score keepers, equipment storage and a sound machine. The idea being that the added amenity would attract additional games and tournaments and enhance the village economically with tourists coming to town to eat and shop and stay in hotels.

Trustee Larry Reed said it seemed like a lot of money to benefit a few people.

Trustee David Wendt said it’s not a few if it brings in outside events.

Jim Peck and Wendt voted Yea, with Reed and Bob Gruenewald voting against the project. Trustee Steve Hubbard was the deciding vote, and he voted No. The measure failed.

“I want someone to convince me it’s going to be used more because of this press box,” Hubbard said, adding that he was open to further discussion in the future.

Peck could not hide his disappointment noting the hotel/motel tax fund balance stands at $285,000 and growing, and “we’re not going to spend it” (to enhance village facilities).

“It’s crazy,” Peck said.

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