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Pocket park decision pending

Friday, October 26, 2012

The fate of a proposed pocket park in the northwest section of the Village rests with trustees.

The park is in limbo until trustees decide whether to move forward with the original location along County Highway 20 or to consider other options, which include an alternate location or no park at all, according to Village Administrator Mike Miller. He said it is “highly doubtful” that installation of playground equipment would take place this year. “Spring is the earliest we would do anything,” Miller predicted.

Residential opinions were split on responses to a survey sent to 91 households in Grayhawk and Shadow Ridge Estates subdivisions. Miller said 29 respondents said they would not use the park because of its proximity to County Highway 20, while 24 said they would use the park and believe it is a satisfactory location. Another three indicated the traffic safety issue would need be resolved before they would use the park.

In early October, trustees were reluctant to authorize funds to move forward with the project until safety and security concerns were fully explored. The proposed park location is south of Shadow Ridge Estates on land donated to the Village by developer Steve Horve. Most trustees agree the site is not the most ideal location for a pocket park, but acknowledge that acquiring an alternate location would be prohibitively expensive.

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