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Police protection for Village rises in cost

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The cost of police protection for the Village is going up 12 percent.

Recently, Village Administrator Heather Kimmons has been negotiating a new four-year contract with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office to replace a current three-year contract that expires May 31. The new agreement will continue to provide 24-hour police coverage to the Village through May 31, 2015, at a total cost of $1,746,818.71. Included in the agreement is a stipulation that the deputies will be relocating their office from Hickory Point Mall to Village Hall, where they had maintained an office for several years before moving to the mall.

At the May 16 Board meeting, Kimmons presented trustees with a summary of two negotiated options for the Board to consider. At that meeting, trustees approved the option recommended by Kimmons, which included replacing all five squad cars at the onset of the new contract, as well as an instruction to Kimmons to advise the Board as to the actual price the Macon County Sheriff’s Department pays for gasoline to fuel the cars. The new contract will include a gasoline surcharge which will be charged quarterly to the Village to the extent the Sheriff’s cost of gasoline may exceed the negotiated rate of $3 per gallon at the contract’s onset.

Although the current and previous contracts had included a lump sum payment at the outset to purchase five new completely-equipped squad cars, Kimmons had negotiated an alternate deferred purchase plan for vehicle replacement. The alternate plan would have had two of the current 2008 vehicles replaced at the Village’s expense in the 2012-13 fiscal year, two additional new vehicles bought in 2013-14, and the last of the five new squad cars to be purchased in 2014-15.

“I got creative with the Sheriff’s office in order to present to Board with two different options, one a little different from anything they had seen before,” said Kimmons. “Ultimately, I believe the Board chose the better option, both for the Village and for the Macon County Sheriff. The result is really a win-win for both.”

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