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Press box update for Diamond 5

Thursday, November 17, 2016

At the Board Meeting on November 7, there was further discussion about construction of a press box in Forsyth Park. This time the topic involved planning for a press box on Diamond No. 5.

Developer Jeff Horve returned to give the Board an update. He said that this building’s design will have the same blueprint as the press box currently going up on Diamond No. 4, including 12-foot walls and 8-foot ceilings, but it will have less siding and less stone. So the cost shouldn’t be more, he said. Trustees previously approved funding not to exceed $58,000 to build each building.

Horve said it will be important to get a decent set of bleachers installed in front of this new press box, which he didn’t think would be a problem.

“I’m hoping to be ready to go by December 1,” Horve told trustees. “I have to get bids in and present them next time.”

Trustees won’t sign off on the project for the work to officially begin until the bids have been received. Horve’s plan is to return with bids in hand at the November 21 meeting.

“I’ll see you in two weeks,” Horve told the Board.

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