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Public Works crew gears up for snow

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dreaded winter weather looms any day now. Fun for kids and snow lovers, but it makes for a lot of work for the village’s Public Works crew charged with keeping our streets clear.

Public Works Director Larry Coloni’s plan of action has always been to get the main roads open first and try to get dry pavement within 24 hours of a snow event. Coloni has said previously that it takes about four hours to get around the entire village and get it cleared.

During a snowstorm, while the snow is still coming down, the goal is to try to keep streets as clear as possible, Coloni said. Once a storm slows down or when crews have gotten ahead of it, that’s when they can widen the path they plow, he said.

Soon you’ll notice the streets having what appear to be lines on the pavement. If you see those lines, it’s evidence that Coloni and his crew believe bad weather is imminent. The lines are a function of the street having been prepped ahead of a snow or ice storm with a concoction that was likely brewed up in some scientist’s kitchen. Coloni sprays the streets with a mixture of beet juice and salt brine. Of course, he spreads on the road salt, too.

“We’re buying 150 tons of salt this year,” Coloni said. “Last year, we bought our usual 100 tons and almost ran out.”

Coloni has already ordered half of that supply, 75 tons, at a price that’s double what it was a year ago, he said.

Coloni usually recommends being patient and holding off shoveling your drive until you’ve seen the plows go past your house. Otherwise, those plows will throw some of your hard-earned work right back on your driveway — there’s really no way to avoid it.

Coloni doesn’t recommend pushing snow out in the street because it creates a hazard, he said. Any snow that does get pushed out in your street should be piled in the direction the plow is traveling. That means if the trucks travel by your house going north, then put the snow to the north of your driveway.

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