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Residents to save nearly 30 percent on electric supply

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Forsyth residents will enjoy the lowest price in the state for their residential electric supply following the Dec. 11 selection of Homefield Energy as the energy supplier.

Village Administrator Mike Miller said as part of the municipal aggregation program staff chose a 17-month contract with Homefield, which is a subsidiary of Ameren Illinois. Residents will pay .03909 cents per kilowatt hour.

“That is approximately a 28.4 percent savings over current Ameren rates,” Miller said. This percentage does not represent a decline in a resident’s total bill from Ameren since it does not cover related electricity charges and natural gas use.

Forsyth joined in a pool of approximately 220,000 eligible residential households and small businesses, including Decatur as well as other surrounding communities. Forsyth’s rate is lower than Decatur because that community chose to go with 100 percent renewable energy.

“We chose to go with the base package, which includes the federally mandated percentage of renewal energy,” Miller said. The Village also opted not to apply an administrative fee that municipalities are allowed to charge by statute. “That allowed us to negotiate an even lower rate for Forsyth than some of the other municipalities in the same pool,” he said.

The 17-month term was selected because it coincides with the expiration of the first group of communities that implemented municipal aggregation. Communities band together numerous electric accounts to provide the benefits of competitive energy markets that work to benefit the smaller consumer. “By choosing that term, it will effectively allow us to join with those communities and double the number of households negotiating with the suppliers when our current contract expires,” Miller said.

Earlier, the Village chose Good Energy as the consultants to assist with the process and communication. Residents who want to select the lower rate through municipal aggregation simply do nothing and allow the transition to be coordinated by Village staff, Good Energy and Ameren. The procedure is different for those residents who want to opt-out or continue to pay Ameren’s base rate and not select the lower rate. Those residents must return one of the letters they will receive within the next couple of weeks.

For more information, visit www. or call Village Hall at 877-9445.

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