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Roof replacement for library postponed until next year

Thursday, September 17, 2015

On the agenda at the Sept. 8 board meeting was approval of a roof replacement and repairs project to Forsyth Public Library and Community Room.

Public Works Director Larry Coloni presented trustees with five bids. His memo to Village Administrator David Strohl made note of the fact that the budgeted amount was off the mark.

“As you will see, we missed our estimate by a substantial amount,” Coloni wrote. “We budgeted $50,000, and the low bid is $113,690.”

The decision before the board was to award the project to the low bidder, Kendall Construction, or reject all bids. Staff recommendation was to award the contract to Kendall Construction.

Trustee Steve Hubbard asked Coloni if he knew anything about Kendall Construction, to which Coloni replied that he did not. Trustee Bob Gruenewald said that he had heard of the company through his job.

Hubbard said the work needs to be done, and prices likely would not go down if the decision was to wait.
Trustee Jim Peck asked if the roof is leaking now and how long the job would take.

Coloni said the roof is not leaking, but he added that while the original roof is 20 years old, he thought it would be OK to wait.

“I’m comfortable waiting a year,” Coloni said, and he added that the job would likely take three to four weeks.

Gruenewald asked if all the bidders would be using the same materials. Coloni confirmed that they would be. Gruenewald said it might be wise to get references, but he thought the job should go to the low bidder.

Trustee Larry Reed suggested it might be better to wait until February or March and send the job out for new bids. Mayor Marilyn Johnson expressed concern that roofing contractors would be much busier in the spring.

Library Director Rachel Miller thought it would be fine to postpone the work as long as it was done “before the summer reading program.” She noted that she has a lot of families in the library during that time.

Hubbard made the motion to reject all bids and rebid the job for next spring. Reed seconded.

Peck asked Coloni if he was concerned about upcoming rough winter weather causing problems to recent improvements at the library. Coloni said there was nothing obvious to him that he could see being a problem.

Trustees Hubbard, Reed and David Wendt all voted Yea to reject bids and postpone the job. Peck and Gruenewald voted No. The decision to reject all bids for the library’s roof replacement and repairs project was passed.

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