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Shadow Ridge Estates features larger lots

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The new Shadow Ridge Estates sub- division north of County Highway 20 reflects the Village's long-range plan for land use that endorses estate type/low density residential areas framing the Village.

""This is the first development that has larger lots with elbow room,"" said Jeff Horve of Horve Developers. The 75 acres of farmland in phase one of the development offers 54 lots. Prices vary from $65,000 for a three- quarter acre lot to $95,000 for one and one-half to two acres of land.

Horve Developers purchased the 150 acres known as the Martin farm several years ago in anticipation of selling lots for the upscale subdivision which was announced in mid-2009. Storm sewers and concrete streets have been completed, but a work delay by Ameren Illinois has left the developers wringing their hands. Silt fences were installed in compliance with the National Pollu- tion Discharge Elimination System.

""We anticipated the subdivision would get in quicker ... it's difficult to build without any power,"" Horve said during a recent interview.

Once the subdivision gets underway, Horve said the community can expect to see ""...some nice homes along the line of what you see in [the subdivision of] Grayhawk."" Market- ing efforts for phase one and two of Grayhawk proved successful with four lots remaining for sale. ""There's been a steady dose of construction,"" Horve commented.

Shadow Ridge Estates promises to be ""impressive [and] ... a nice looking development,"" Horve said. He said the lots are not squared off, and nothing is symmetrical in the subdivision's layout. Prospective builders can look forward to an area where there is openness, quietness and nice sunsets to the west.

Development of a nearby pocket park is "" a holding pattern at this time,"" according to Village Administrator Heather Kimmons. The Village accepted Lot No. 1 in the third addition of the Grayhawk subdivision as a replacement for a $15,000 parkland contribution which it required for the development of Shadow Ridge. A developer has the option of donating land for recreational use or an equiva- lent amount of money based on the percentage of developable acreage in a development.

The proposed pocket park is located on the northwest corner of Hundley Road and County Highway 20 directly across from the entrance to Shadow Ridge.

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