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Sidewalk repairs come under discussion

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Public Works Director Larry Coloni said there will never be a day when every Forsyth sidewalk is free from cracks or irregularities.

Forsyth trustees discussed sidewalks during a recent Board meeting in which Steve Scott of 841 W. Forsyth Parkway said that millimeter- sized cracks in the sidewalk in front of his home do not compare to the estimated 200 deflections or separations he has observed in other sidewalks throughout the Village.

Scott recently received a certified letter from the Village citing a damaged sidewalk in front of his home. Village Clerk Kathy Mizer had received complaints about Scott’s sidewalk, but was prompted to send the letter because a Jan. 7, 2011 occupancy permit issued for the Scott home was contingent upon the sidewalk being repaired. “There are hundreds of places worse than mine,” he told trustees at the meeting, however, he noted that he intends to repair it.

Coloni said the Village doubled the amount of funds earmarked for sidewalk repairs and now has $30,000 in its budget for this purpose. Building Inspector Linn Summers attempts to stay on top of sidewalk inspections to determine if damage has occurred before or after construction work. Coloni said homeowners are responsible for sidewalk repairs only if the damage clearly comes from their activities.

A year ago, trustees endorsed the use of a company that uses a grinding process to eliminate trip hazards and uneven sidewalks. The treatment was used on sidewalks at Village Hall, Forsyth Public Library and Forsyth Park Estates along Christopher Drive. Coloni said some budgeted funds will be used this season to continue this process.

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