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Students plow over judge to win top prize

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Art students from Warrensburg- Latham High School topped those from Maroa-Forsyth High School to win a $250 top prize in a “Paint the Snowplow” competition sponsored by the Village of Forsyth.

Public Works Director Larry Coloni wanted to try the competition since getting the idea from a professional conference he attended years ago. Village Administrator Heather Kimmons said the two school districts cover the Village of Forsyth with a significant portion of students attending each district.

Forsyth Public Works Department employees applied a clear coat of epoxy to preserve the paint on the plow blades.

An independent art instructor judged the entries, and second place finisher Maroa-Forsyth received $150. Kimmons said the monies come from the community relations line item in the legislative portion of Forsyth’s budget. The prize money given to each high school will be restricted for a fundraising activity such as prom or a senior class trip.

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