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Summer rec program gets new beginning

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons has hammered out some sweeping changes to the Village’s 2011 summer recreation program.

“The objective of the revamped program is to take the program back to basics in 2011,” Kimmons said. Among the goals are keeping detailed attendance records and employing more administrative oversight. Kimmons worked with Angie Woodhall, the program’s co-director, to resolve issues, minimize costs and focus on serving more participants.Among the program features this season:

  • Time frame – June 6 through July 21.
  • Days of operation – four days a week, Monday through Thursday and no programming on Fridays
  • Hours of operation – morning activities from 9 a.m.-noon. On occasion, these hours might be shifted from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., if a lunch activity is planned.
  • Staffing - up to four student workers to assist returning co-directors Angie Woodhall and Mike Poe
  • Attendance – three hours daily spent on site by both co-directors for a total of 81 in-park hours. Additional hours to be logged by both during park program registration either May 28 or June 4; both co-directors’ participation in the Forsyth Family Fest parade and children’s bingo on June 18.

Additionally, detailed program attendance records will be submitted weekly to the Village Administrator, and at least one co-director will attend and present a brief report and answer questions from Village trustees during the June and July Board meetings. Also, a summary report must be submitted by the co-directors to the Village Administrator within 30 days after the program ends.

  • Compensation – equal compensation in the amount of $2,500 for each co-director, payable under the Village’s bi-weekly payment schedule; up to four student workers will receive $8.25 per hour.

Changes to the program followed a January Parks & Recreation Committee meeting during which the program came under fire for its personnel costs and lack of administrative supervision. Since then, Kimmons has worked with Woodhall to streamline the program and cap personnel costs at a maximum of $7,800 for 2011 – down from $17,534 in 2010. Kimmons said the salaries for the co-directors “…have been more than halved and now equate to $31 per hour when considering only park operation hours” (down from 2010 hourly rates of $61.42 for Woodhall and $40.35 for Poe). Kimmons also budgeted the co-directors an additional eight hours per week to account for program development tasks to bring the hourly rate equivalent to $18.75 per hour, an amount higher than comparable programs, she said, but advisable in order to retain the current directors.

“There is no way around the truth, which is that the Village was overpaying the co-directors previously,” Kimmons said. “In their defense, however, it appears the normal system of checks and balances simply failed to apply to this program.” She noted that trustees and previous administrators approved cost of living increases nearly every year for the co-directors, who were not told that anything needed to change. She credits Trustee Larry Reed and Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart for bringing the matter to the forefront.

In turn, Trustees Bob Rasho and Marilyn Johnson acknowledged that Kimmons and Woodhall worked together to implement changes which trustee Reed said “…will be an improvement over what we had.”

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