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Technology to make meetings more resident-friendly

Thursday, April 25, 2013

On April 15, Village trustees agreed with a request from the Planning and Zoning Commission members to update the technology in the meeting room at Village Hall, dedicating $5,000 out of the FY14 budget toward the improvements.

The request was sparked by a recent training session by Mike Hoffman of Teska and Associates, who encouraged the P & Z C members to enhance the ability to share information with residents who are attending the meetings.

“We need to do all that is possible to make sure the residents that have come to our meeting have the same opportunity to review all the material that is available to the commissioners,” said P & Z C Chair Bill Busbey in a memo.

The trustees agreed, noting that the technology will also be of benefit to residents attending the Village Board meetings.

“Educating the general audience on the variables impacting the agenda discussion should make the entire meeting a more engaging experience for all,” said Village Administrator Mike Miller. “I also believe the updates could lead to an increase in residential participation in the various meetings held throughout the year.”

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