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Tennis courts to get makeover

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Item No. 5 in the new business portion of the Sept. 8 board meeting was for approval of repairs and a maintenance project to the tennis courts at Forsyth Park.

Public Works Director Larry Coloni presented trustees with a bid of $31,490 from All Weather Courts based in Dawson, Ill., near Springfield. He said their original bid was for $36,000.

Coloni noted in a memo to Village Administrator David Strohl, Mayor Marilyn Johnson and trustees that $65,000 from hotel/motel taxes was budgeted for the project. He wrote that All Weather Courts is the “go to company for tennis court repairs.”

Coloni said the company will power-wash the courts, and they will look professional, like tennis courts should, he said. He added that the work will include a new surface, and all the cracks that are present now will be filled as part of the project.

Trustee Larry Reed asked if the work could be done this year.

“Yeah, they’re ready to go when we approve,” Coloni said.

Coloni recommended that the board award the project to All Weather Courts.

Trustee Jim Peck made the motion, which was seconded by Trustee Larry Reed. All votes were Yea, and the project was approved. 

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