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The Back Institute makes adjustment to new home soon

Thursday, December 11, 2014

If your back is what ails you, then you are probably familiar with The Back Institute on Weaver Road. The practice is run by two chiropractors, Dr. Kimberly Sheppard and Dr. Kristin White, who also happen to be sisters. They’ve been in practice together for 10 years.

Come next spring, in about March, you’ll have to go a few blocks to the east for your visits. The business is moving across Route 51 into a new building that is under construction at the corner of Barnett Avenue and Clement Avenue, just behind the Quality Inn.

These Decatur natives are pretty happy to see that their space will more than double going from 1,900 square feet to 4,100 square feet. They’re also happy to remain in Forsyth.

“We are super excited,” Dr. White said. “It will give us a lot more space to accommodate our patients. Forsyth is the perfect location for what we do.”

Dr. White said they like practicing here because “it’s a growing area, and people come to Forsyth for a number of reasons.”

She also noted that while their patients are certainly local, they also draw from a wider area, with patients coming from places like Moweaqua and Bloomington.

Making the move with them from their long-time location on Weaver Road in the Forsyth Imaging Center will be a staff that is made up of two full-time and three part-time employees, plus an intern. And, there is an additional chiropractor in the office, who works as an independent contractor.

They also have another business, The Diet Doc, and it will get its own dedicated space for the first time. One of their staff members is a full-time massage therapist. 

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