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Thinking about adding a shed? Check with Village Hall first

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Before purchasing and having a storage shed delivered, residents should contact the Village’s Building Inspector to apply for a building permit. He will talk to you about where you want to place your shed to ensure that the location complies with the Forsyth zoning ordinance (see below). Some areas of the Village do not allow storage sheds, and others have a size limit. Storage sheds cannot be closer than seven feet from the side or rear property line of your property without applying for and receiving approval of a variance. If you have questions, call Village Hall at 877-9445.

Section 5.2C Permitted Accessory Uses:
(1) Buildings accessory to the principal use, including private garages, provided they are located in the side or rear yard, are no closer than seven (7) feet to a side or rear property line, no more than fifteen (15) feet in height and occupy no more than thirty (30) percent of the rear yard.

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