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Trustee Suggests that Board Consider Shorter Contracts for Village Auditors

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The tenure of the Village’s current auditing firm became a subject of a Board discussion recently when trustee Eric Morr suggested the “…biggest oversight as a Board” comes from not changing auditors on a more frequent basis.

Village Administrator Mike Miller said he understands Morr’s premise, but disagrees with his assessment of the Board. He noted that the Springfield firm of Sikich is completing the final year of its second three-year contract with the Village. He also pointed out that Sikich merited the second contract after being selected from a pool of applicants once their first three-year contract had expired. However, changing auditors annually is an option to be explored, Miller suggested.

Questioning Sikich’s professionalism was not his intention, Morr said, nor was he pushing to accelerate the timeline for retaining the firm’s services. He said he was interested only in changing auditors every two years and thought it incumbent upon the Board to discuss the matter at this time.

Several trustees weighed in on Morr’s suggestion with trustee Steve Hubbard noting that “…auditors do get in a rut” but concluded that Sikich should be allowed to fill out its three years of service. The Board reached a consensus in support of Hubbard’s suggestion.

Mayor Hap Gilbert was concerned that a frequent change in auditors would place a burden on Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart, who would have to adapt to a different set of criteria with each change. While not in favor of a frequent change in auditors, Stewart commented she realizes change is good and can adapt to new methods even though it would mean more work for her.

Morr said the Board’s discussion of the auditors was beneficial and serves as a reminder that changing auditors should happen every so often.

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