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Upgrade work at Greenbrier pump station complete

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Here’s an update to a story that ran in the February 16 edition of the Village Vision. The Greenbrier subdivision’s pump station has had its control panel upgraded and a new sewage pump has been installed.

The work, according to Public Works Director Larry Coloni, was done in the days immediately following Board approval for funding for parts, labor, programming and installation. About the time residents were reading the story in the newsletter, repairs were already under way. Understandably, Coloni fielded a few phone calls from residents inquiring when the work would be done.

The emergency upgrade was necessary because the station was running on its backup system after the control panel failed. Without the upgrade, there was a risk of a sewage backup to homes served by the pump station.

Trustees moved quickly and approved Coloni’s request for up to $16,000 in funds to upgrade the panel and purchase the new sewage pump. With the work now complete, the pump station has the capacity to send a high-level alarm if there ever were a failure. Crisis averted.

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