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Verizon cuts gas line at corner of Weaver and 51

Thursday, December 25, 2014

On a recent afternoon and into the evening, at the busy intersection of Weaver Road and Route 51, there was quite a strong smell that seemed to waft its way through most of the village in all directions.

It happened on Thursday, Dec. 11, when a gas line was severed by a Verizon work crew doing directional boring work. The problem, according to Public Works Director Larry Coloni, came about as a company crew was attempting to put in a conduit to all its cellular towers that also tied into the company’s store on Barnett Avenue. Coloni said crews were digging by using a directional boring method to install a conduit for a fiber-optic line.

“Typically, you don’t have to come back and repair ground afterward (by using directional boring), but on this night they bored through the natural gas line,” Coloni said. “The line was underneath the sidewalk and they hit it, which is rare to hit a half-inch gas line underground.”

There was no cost to the village to make the repair. Ameren crews were working as late as 7:30 that night to complete the job, Coloni said.

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