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Veterans Memorial site gets upgrade

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Plexiglass is being used to cover and protect the 287 bricks at the Veterans Memorial in Forsyth Park.

“Wind, water and weeds have all contributed to damaging the memorial bricks at the site,” said resident T.J. Jackson, who continues to be involved with the memorial/pavilion which honors both living and deceased military veterans. In 2004, Jackson spearheaded the original project to sell inscribed granite bricks to honor military veterans at the site, which also features a three-piece granite monument carved with medallions of armed forces insignias.

Jackson continues to stay involved, and he recently secured $939 from the Village’s hotel/motel tax funds to buy the materials to upgrade the site.

“The whole restoration comes from a citizen’s complaint about the aesthetics and upkeep at the site,” said Village Administrator Mike Miller, who was scheduled to serve as the guest speaker at the ninth annual commemorative service held Nov. 11. Miller said Jackson took it upon himself to revamp the site. “I’m impressed with the level of thought and preparation he put into his plan.” Miller said.

Future work at the site includes installing a foot-tall white fence around all the bricks, according to Jackson. Order forms for the bricks can be found at the Veterans Memorial or at Village Hall. The cost is $50 for each brick with a threeline inscription.

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