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Village administrator resigns, effective May 31

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Village Administrator Heather Kimmons ended the April 2 Board meeting with her resignation. Her last day in the office is set for May 31. Kimmons had been named the Village’s fifth administrator in March 2010. An attorney, she had served as a deputy public access counselor in the Illinois Attorney General’s Office in Springfield before being named Village administrator, and had also worked for the Decatur law firm of Johnson Waller and Chiligiris from 2002-2007.

“It’s time to move on,” Kimmons said in a recent interview. “A lot of significant issues are close to or have been wrapped up. It’s never a good time, but it’s as good a time as any.” Kimmons says she is looking forward to doing everything she can to make “as smooth a transition as possible for all involved.”

Acknowledging that the choice of her successor and the timeline and parameters for the search process are up to the Village Board, Kimmons feels that local residents offer some “good possibilities” for the role. She hopes to play a part in the selection process and also hopes “a successor is in place by the time I step down.”

Mayor Hap Gilbert planned to consult with Village attorney Jeff Jurgens on how to conduct the search process, and has said that an interim administrator might be considered.

“Heather has made significant changes,” Gilbert told the Decatur Herald & Review on April 2. “I had hoped things would continue, She has us moving in the right direction.”

Kimmons feels that her biggest accomplishments as administrator were encouraging transparency and openness in Village actions, moving the Village toward a more professional organization and “shedding light on some issues.”

“I’ve learned so much here,” she said. “It’s a been a positive experience overall. I think we all agree that Forsyth is a great little community. The residents have been a joy to work with. My thanks to them for being so accommodating.

“Things are going to continue to move in a positive direction because we have some very strong, committed and honorable Board members,” she said. She encouraged residents to let their voices be heard, and she plans to stay involved as a Forsyth resident. She noted that one of her biggest concerns initially was a shortage of public participation at Village Board meetings.

“Be involved to the extent your time allows,” she said. “It makes us a better community to have more voices instead of just a few.”

Kimmons is considering a few employment opportunities but hopes to spend some time off this summer with her daughters, 11 and 13. She and her husband, Jim, have been Forsyth residents for 12 years.

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