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Village approves hotel liquor license

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Village Administrator David Strohl told the board at the Aug. 18 meeting that he had asked Village Attorney Jeff Jurgens to draft Ordinance No. 919, an ordinance amending Chapter 111 of the village code on alcoholic beverages to create a hotel liquor license.

Strohl said that two hotels had asked to be able to sell bottles of beer and wine to customers. He described the request as based on unique circumstances for the hotels’ happy hour activities and pantry services. He said it would be consistent with a Class B license with regard to hours of operation and license fee, noting that his thinking was to have them transfer from Class B to Class H in the future.

Trustee Dave Wendt asked that it be restricted to hotel property in designated areas, including the courtyard at each property. Trustee Larry Reed asked about signage identifying the restricted areas. Strohl said that the ordinance was drafted with a conservative approach regarding restrictions and that guests would not be allowed to take alcohol off of hotel property.

Trustees decided to table any vote until the Sept. 2 meeting, at which Trustee Bob Rasho made the motion that was seconded by Reed. All votes were Yea. Ordinance No. 919 carried.

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