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Village gets ‘happy news’ on annual harvest report

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Village receives an annual report for the farming season, usually at the beginning of each new year to report on the previous year. Nick Suess, farm manager for Busey Ag Services, moved his annual visit to the Board up to the end of the year to report on 2016 crops.

Suess called the year “very good” with “rain spaced out just enough,” and he paid tribute to the two farmers, John Chenoweth and Steve Volle, who farm the Village’s 141 acres near the water treatment plant.

“I’m extremely happy,” Suess said. “Hats off to our custom operators.”

The 2015 crop, which was sold in 2016, netted the Village $27,041.01. That’s after Busey’s farm management fee of $2,399.11. Since farm payment is deferred a year, the income is actually for crops planted in 2015. The results for the year were termed “happy news” by Suess. Any income realized from the 2016 crop will be paid at about this time next year.

Suess said that planting two crops, as the Village traditionally does, helps manage risk. Corn was planted over 56.68 acres in 2015, while soybeans were planted on 85 acres. As has been the recommended practice, the crops in 2016 were rotated over the same fields.

Looking ahead, Suess already has corn seed and soybean seed planned for planting in 2017.

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