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Village joins coalition against landfill’s permit to accept PCBs

Thursday, July 17, 2014

On the agenda at the July 7 meeting of the board of trustees was the consideration of approval of Resolution No. 14-02. The resolution authorizes the village to become a member of an intergovernmental coalition opposing the Clinton Landfill permit application to accept polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, at its facility.

Village Administrator David Strohl recommended the board approve the resolution.

In recent months the landfill applied for a federal EPA permit that would allow for disposal of PCBs, which the coalition, made up of several public entities is fighting.

The permit would allow the dumping of toxic waste on land that sits above the Mahomet Aquifer. The landfill is located 15 miles or so north of Forsyth, and the aquifer is one of the village’s water supplies.

If PCBs were to enter the water supply, an estimated 500,000 to more than 850,000 people who rely on the aquifer as their main source for safe drinking water, could be affected.

By approving the resolution and thereby joining the coalition, the village would agree to share in the cost of the group’s efforts. To date, the village’s share would be $358.54. This resolution comes on the heels of the board’s recent approval of a resolution in support of petitioning the United States Environmental Protection Agency to designate the Mahomet Aquifer as a sole source aquifer. A resolution authorizing the village to join the coalition was not before the board until now.

Trustee Bob Gruenewald called the resolution a step in the right direction and an important one for the village and its residents.

Trustee Bob Rasho agreed and indicated his support, adding that he was “pleasantly surprised that the legal fees were so insignificant.”

The village would join a number of cities and counties in the coalition, including Decatur, Bloomington, Normal, Savoy, Urbana and Champaign, which is the group’s lead agency. The village would be the 10th member of the coalition.

Trustee Steve Hubbard made the motion, which was seconded by Trustee Gruenewald. Upon a call of the roll, all present voted Yea. Resolution No. 14-02 carried.

Each member of the coalition is asked to designate a contact person or representative. Trustees agreed that Strohl should serve in that role for the village.

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