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Village picks B&W Paving for pavement repair work

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Larry Coloni, director of Public Works, asked trustees at the Oct. 6 board meeting to approve use of street department funds, not to exceed $40,000, for asphalt repairs on several village trails and streets.

The areas where the work is needed, according to Coloni’s report to the board dated Oct. 2, are in Grayhawk, Greenbrier and the trail bridge at Hundley and County Highway 20.

Coloni said that he had received bids from two different companies: Dunn Company and B&W Asphalt, Paving & Sealcoat.

Dunn Company’s bid was $25,728 for 2,304 square feet or $11.16 per square foot. B&W’s bid was $19,500 for 2,180 square feet or $8.94 per square foot.

Trustee Bob Rasho asked Coloni if he had met with both bidding companies, and Coloni said that he indeed had met both parties at one of the possible job sites.

The difference in the bids, according to Coloni, was the fact that “Mr. Baietto (of B&W) is giving up some of his profits because he really wants to do business with the village.”

Materials for the job will meet Illinois Department of Transportation standards and be in accordance with village construction standards, Coloni said. It is possible that other requirements will be added to the final contract, Village Attorney Jeff Jurgens told the board.

Interestingly, B&W will actually purchase materials used in the resurfacing work from Dunn Company, Coloni said.
Coloni said that in order to properly monitor the work he plans to have a member of his crew on site “to make sure we’re getting what we pay for.”

Trustee Dave Wendt made the motion to approve the pavement repair work to be performed by B&W Asphalt, Paving & Sealcoat. Trustee Bob Gruenewald seconded the motion, and all votes were Yea as the measure passed.

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