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Village renews contract with Methodist church

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trustees recently endorsed a renewable yearly contract with the Forsyth United Methodist Church which is designed to help maintain the church’s parking lot. The contract has been in effect since 2009 when the Village agreed to compensate the church $1,000 annually to provide overflow parking that comes from the Forsyth Public Library and the community center.

Parking compensation to the church surfaced in 1998 when the Village looked at the public use of the church’s parking lot and agreed to a lease arrangement for an unspecified number of parking slots. At that time church members asked the Village to incur the costs for sealing and striping the church parking lot as a reciprocal gesture for allowing supplementary parking on its parking lot, which is located directly west across the street from the library.

In 2009, the church completed an overlay of the parking lot at a cost of close to $30,000 accomplished by special contributions from its members and the use of its capital funds for the year. The church then requested that the Village enter into a legal agreement whereby the Village would contribute an amount each year to help with the maintenance of the parking lot. The Village agreed to contribute $1,000.

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