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Village’s winter crews on alert to keep streets safe

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Public Works Director Larry Coloni and his crew are on the alert to prevent road hazards and ensure safe driving conditions. As a first step, they’ve applied anti-icing chemicals consisting of a mixture of brine and beet juice that have proven successful in past use. The beet juice helps neutralize the corrosiveness of the salt, Coloni said.

The de-icing mixture is applied at a time best determined by Coloni and his crew, usually before an anticipated snow or ice event. “We can put the product on the street, and it remains until it either snows or rain washes it off,” Coloni said.

“Brine doesn’t bounce or blow off the road surface so material is used more efficiently. If the storm is delayed, salt residue remains on the road ready to begin work when precipitation begins,” Coloni said.

The Village has a $10,000 budget for snow removal that includes truck repairs and salt purchases. Last year, the Village contracted with the state for 100 tons of salt, used the full amount and had to order more. This year, Coloni has purchased 50 tons of enhanced salt which is less corrosive to streets.

He cautions residents to look for products with additives that won’t damage their driveways and sidewalks and offers this winter shoveling tip: “Shovel your snow in the direction the snow plow is moving so it is not pushed back into your driveway.”

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