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Village surplus = bargain shopping for residents

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unused personal property items that have been stored in Village’s old water treatment plant are for sale to residents at reduced prices. Included are the following with assigned values:

  • Round tables (6) $5 each
  • Portable basketball set (1) $40 for set
  • Portable basketball set with missing back board (1) $20 for set
  • Cushion chairs (11) $1 each
  • VHS display stands (18) $5 each
  • Metal folding chairs (93) $2 each
  • Folding chair carts (2) $25 each

In addition, a 1998 GMC half-ton truck will be sold by sealed bid for a fair market value. The date for the opening bids has not yet been determined. Contact Village Hall at 877-9445 for more information.

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